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I mostly blog about my photographic experiences like building my own homemade 16x20 ultra large format camera and street photography.

I should also add that I home develop everything except E6 film as slides and for prints I mainly use Stills Gallery Edinburgh.

Street Dog on Flickr.(Out-take)
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Another cover design approved! Textured/embossed paperback cover printed in two special inks, plus a matt laminated half jacket.
The book is due out in 2015 and will bring a smile to the lips - plus an intense yearning to trawl eBay and second-hand camera shops - perfect for analogue camera lovers and geeks! Hundreds of vintage, customised and rare camera makes, models and lenses all captured and meticulously identified. A careful selection of street fashion photographs taken on the fly, with the camera as the star, taken by the man who did it first and the man who does it best - the sartorialist of the camera world John Sypal.

It’s with extreme pleasure that I am finally able to announce that the Tokyo Camera Style photobook is set to be released by renowned publisher Thames & Hudson in 2015.  
It all started back in the fall of 2013 with an email out of the blue from a design director at T&H (the owner of the tumblr this image is reblogged from) telling how much she enjoyed the site and asking if I had ever thought about making a Tokyo Camera Style book.  To be honest, it wasn’t actually something I had given serious consideration, but with the backing of Thames & Hudson and a desire to see just how photobooks are made from the inside it was a project that I was excited to agree to.
The book designer, Andersen M Studio, did a fantastic job on the layout and cover design- it’s really well done and I’m not just saying that because I created the content. The three hundred pages of images have a smart and enjoyable flow.  I think you’ll like it, too.
It’s been an incredible experience so far- it’s been a chance to deal with these pictures in a new way, a chance to see them curated and laid out by someone else, and my favorite part- this has been a chance to make some new connections and friends.  It’s all very exciting and I plan on keeping you up to date over the next few months before it hits the shelves.  The actual release date has yet to be announced but I will certainly let you know once I am able.
Finally, I want to thank all 10,000+ of you who follow Tokyo Camera Style on Tumblr and everyone else who visits the site by whatever other means- it’s thanks to your interest and enjoyment of this site over the past six years that has helped make it all possible.  
Thank you!
- John 

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